Click on the links below to download PDF support guides for most of the products offered by Airlift Doors, Inc. Technical support is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll free 1-888-368-4403.

Product Catalog & Measurement Forms

Download our latest Product Catalog and Measurement Forms

Alaska Door Product Catalog
Alaska Door Measurement Form
XRS Door Product Catalog
XRS Door Measurement Form

Official Installation Guides:

XRS Premium Plus Install Guide
XRS Elite Plus Install Guide
Alaska Door Install Guide
Horizontal Magnaglide Install Guide
Vertical Magnaglide Install Guide
Powerglide Install Guide
Standard Air Opener Install Guide

Owners Manuals

XRS Owners Manual
Magnaglide Owners Manual
Powerglide Owners Manual
Standard Air Openers Manual
Standard Control Box Owners Manual


Troubleshooting the Magnaglide Air Opener and XRS Extreme Roll Up Series.

Magnaglide stuck closed
Magnaglide stuck open
XRS Troubleshooting

Maintenance Guides

Maintenance programs & yearly checklists.

Magnaglide Air Opener
Standard Air Opener
Alaska Door

Door Cleaning Instructions

How to correctly clean Alaska & XRS panels.

CAD Drawings

General CAD drawings of Airlift Products

XRS Premium Plus Spec Drawing
XRS Elite Plus Spec Drawing
Magnaglide Horizontal Mount
Magnaglide Vertical Mount
Alaska Strapeze General Shop Drawing
Alaska Springs General Shop Drawing

Specifications for Doors

Technical specifications, clearance requirement and general information about our products.

Alaska Door with Torsion Springs
Magnaglide Air Opener
Alaska Door with Strap-eze
Standard Air Opener

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams for photo eyes, loops, timers and other controls & accessories.

Photo Eyes:

Carlo Gavazzi
XRS Plus Safety Eye Wiring


Loop to Open Door
Loop to Close Door


Macromatic Timer

XRS Series:

XRS Plus Wiring Diagram
XRS Plus Safety Eye Wiring

Standard Air Opener Diagram

Official Standard Air Opener Parts Diagram.

Standard Air Opener
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